Lawn Service 1 – Cable/Internet Negative 1 – Lyta and Blender with a win!

The recent rains from the hurricane and our daily thunderstorms managed to wash away enough ground cover to expose the cable line coming into my home, which naturally I didn’t notice, nor did the lawn service.  Friday I was busy working from home, with the local news station on the t.v. for background noise, just as I was ready to finish working I heard the gardeners out front with their lawnmowers, weed whackers and other assorted LOUD equipment.  And then….in the blink of an eye the feed to the t.v. was gone as was my connection to the outside world.

So, naturally I called the cable company, they tried to reboot the cable box from their office without success, and the girl on the end of the line was puzzled since she couldn’t get anything back from my box.  Okay, so we tried manual rebooting (not easy on the cable box I have apparently) and finally she just had me unplug it.  Thirty seconds later I plugged the box back in, and there it sat trying to initialize… now early on in the conversation I mentioned that the cable went out shortly after I heard the gardeners start to mow the lawn out from of my townhome and I suggested that maybe they cut the line, okay no problem she said, we’ll send someone out….”We can have someone there from between now and 8PM this evening”.   “Great I said”.

After the call I walked out front and yep, the cable line was exposed and sliced through 😦

Now, fast forward to 7:15 PM, and no word from the cable company, so I’m back on the phone with them, after waiting 30 minutes for an available support person, only to find out that the person I spoke with earlier in the day (around 1:30 PM that afternoon) did not put in my service request until after the cut off for the day.  Oh joy, so I’m scheduled for the next day between 8 AM and 10 AM.  Now during my 30 minutes on hold I was told no less than 6 times via a recording that I could solve most issues just by rebooting my cable box, great information assuming that you have a uncut connection back to the cable company ;), and by the fourth round of that message I was talking back to the recording – LOL.

So no t.v., no internet, my cell phone won’t let me post any PLURK messages, so I sent text messages to Kat to let her know I was offline (this would be the second night in a row I had not logged on at all).  I had the choice of housework (uhhh no), watch a dvd on the computer (meh), or spend some quality time in Blender.  So after a call with Kat, I decided to spend some time in Blender working on a collaborative kit that Kat and I had been discussing.  Now for those of you who have never tried Blender, it takes some fortitude to learn how to use and I’m still in the early stages of learning the software.  An hour later, I had saved a blend setup another half hour and success.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and the cable company finally shows up, fixes the cut line, buries it well and I’m online and uploading the sculpt maps and AO textures and sending them to Kat.  And then we started to look at how the sculpts are taking textures and they look great.  No sneak peeks on the kit yet, but we will be releasing the collaborative kit next weekend as part of Sixty Linden Weekends and we’re both very excited about the kit.


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Tranquility Station Sim Redesign and Move

What a busy month August has been!  On top of the design work that I have been doing at Clutter for Builders, I’ve moved Tranquility Station so that the sim is now connected to the Clutter sim.  Naturally, part of the plans in moving the sim included a complete redesign of the sim as well.  Parcels moved, terraforming and a complete redesign of my store setup.

Tranquility Way Station - New Store August 2012

Tranquility Way Station – New Store August 2012

Now moving a sim may sound like a simple task, just submit the ticket, pay the fee for the sim move, and wait for Linden Lab staff to process the ticket, and normally it is, but my ticket submission coincided with a problem that cropped up related to tp’s.  Thankfully several very helpful Linden Lab staff worked on the request, and the morning after we thought the sim would be moved if finally happened.  An added bonus, both Kat and I were online early that morning to see the sim appear – Yay!!

The new sim design is very nature-centric, lots of trees and hills, an open build for the store in theme with the builds on the Clutter sim.  So far feedback has been very positive.  Retaining the natural feel of the build that I had at Home and Garden Expo this year.  There is still plenty of work to do, deciding which items from the old store setup to set out, and I need to setup a small pre-fab display platform for the outdoor pre-fabs.  But it’s coming along 🙂

To top it off, I also participated in the If I Were Rich hunt organized by Chic Aeon, and today is the last day to pick up that hunt item.  Visit Tranquility Way Station on the Tranquility Sim here:

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FLUID – Take a Closer Look

Tranquility Way Station – FLUID – Take a Closer Look

Tranquility Way Station is participating in this round of FLUID.  Fluid is a recurring bi-weekly, themed event in Second Life directed to those of us who love poses, animations, props and furniture; creators and consumers alike.  Fluid will showcase the talents of 12 pose, animation, prop and furniture makers during the course of these two weeks.

This rounds theme is That’s Risque, and Tranquility Way Station drew the Voyeurism sub theme.  So for the event we have a chair and table set with a pair of binoculars on the table.  The set also includes a wearable pair of binoculars so that you can stand and “take a closer look”.

Available at FLUID from July 1st through July 15th for only L$150.

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Full Perm Anyone?

Well the news is out….after several requests from customers, and an incredible offer I just could not refuse, I am branching out to provide some Full Perm items.  The amazing Kat Alderson of Clutter, has asked me to join her under the Clutter for Builders brand in providing Full Perm textures, sculpt kits, mesh kits and poses/animations.

You can read the announcement on the Prim Clutter blog here:

I’m very excited about this venture, Kat and I work well together (we’re co-chairing the upcoming The Prim Show event in September) and am honored by the opportunity to partner with Kat in her new venture.


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Home & Garden Expo 2012

Home & Garden Expo 2012 is open, 14 sims, hundreds of designers each with atleast two vendors where the lindens go directly to Relay for Life.  The Expo runs from Saturday, May 19 through Monday, May 28th, but don’t wait until the last weekend – you’ll want to have plenty of time to explore each of the sims and see what SL’s designers have on display!


Tranquility Way Station is proud to be participating in this years Expo, and I have a tranquil parkland setup displaying both new releases and some favorite existing sets. Stop by and wander through the parkland setting, take a break with a friend and chat while swinging on the garden bench swing.  

Tranquility Way Station @ H&G Expo Sim 5

RFL Items





RFL Hunt Item



New Releases:




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RLM Showers & Flowers Hunt

TWS - Country Herb Garden Decor Set - RLM Hunt 2012

Tranquility Way Station - Country Herb Garden Decor Set


Tranquility Way Station is participating in the Royal Living Magazine Showers & Flowers Hunt which runs from April 28th through May 12th.   Each of the participating stores has a spring themed item in the hunt object, which is set to purchase for only L$45.

The Country Herb Garden Decor set includes:

  • Herb Garden Seed Packet Art
  • Herb Garden Shelf
  • Watering Can
  • Two planted herbs
  • Herb seed packets
  • Two garden stools (each sits 1 with animations)

Land Impact for the entire set is 32.



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Make Home Over Hunt – 2012

Tranquility Way Station is participating in the first Make Home Over Hunt.  The hunt which runs from April 5th through May 5th is organized by the same group that has organized the Make Him Over and Make Her Over hunts.  The prize from Tranquility Way Station is The Brentwood Hassock

Brentwood Hassock I - Sand

The Brentwood Hassock coordinates with the Brentwood Living Room set which will be released shortly.   Visit the Make Home Over blog for a list of stores participating in the hunt.

Tranquility Way Station

Check out Chic Aeon’s blog for another picture of The Brentwood Hassock:  Chic at Phil’s Place

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Tulip Planter for The Nest Egg Hunt

Tranquility Way Station is excited to be participating in the Egg Hunt at The Nest.  Spring is here in the southern states, so for this hunt we have a cute Tulip Planter available for the hunt prize.



The hunt runs from March 15th through April 10th and each of the participating stores will have the hunt sign in the front of their shops.

You can look for the prize from Tranquility Way Station at our shop on The Nest sim here.  Happy hunting!


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Wash Cart Sale

Tranquility Way Station is participating in the Cart Sale @ The Wash sim.   We’ve placed seven different decorative sets out for the sale starting with four pottery set choices:





























Each of the pottery sets features sculpted vases with colorful glazed textures.

In addition to the pottery sets there are also three decorative driftwood sets available, perfect for a seaside cottage or to bring a piece of the beach back to your second life home:
















Each of the items is available for only L$10 during the sale.  You can pick them up at The Wash sim in Second Life




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RLM – Fall in Love with Prims Hunt

Garden Hearts Topiary Bench Set


Tranquility Way Station is proud to be a participating merchant in the Fall in Love with Prims Hunt presented by Royal Living Magazine.   For the hunt I have the Garden Hearts Topiary Bench set.  The garden bench with lattice fence panels would be a lovely addition to your virtual garden, along side a lakeshore or beside the banks of a river.

The set, pictured above, includes:

  • Topiary Bench – 19 prims, seats 2 with 6 synched couples animations and 1 single animation for each avatar.
  • Lattice Fence Panels – 7 prims total
  • Grass – 2 prims, texture change menu

Each merchant participating in the hunt has a hunt item out for L$45, with a retail value of L$500.  The hunt begins on February 12th and continues through February 26th.  Read more about the hunt on the Royal Living Magazine’s blog entry.  Happy hunting 🙂




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